Monday, 29 September 2014

I year B.Tech Regular June 2014 results

The I year B.Tech students are hereby informed that the Regular results of June 2014 are attached here. The last date for Recounting (Rs.100/- per subject) & Revaluation (Rs.1000/- per subject) is 09.10.2014.

GNITC ( WJ ) Results : - CEEEE, ME, ECE, CSE, IT, AE

Sd/- AD

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rescheduled Dates of MBA/MCA examinations Sept/Oct 2014

This is to inform that the examinations scheduled from 25/09/2014 to 06/10/2014 are postponed and the rescheduled dates are given below.
Previous date
Rescheduled date
25-09-2014 FN
08-10-2014 FN
26-09-2014 FN and AN
09-10-2014 FN and AN
27-09-2014 FN
10-10-2014 FN
29-09-2014 FN and AN
13-10-2014 FN and AN
30-09-2014 FN
14-10-2014 FN
01-10-2014 FN and AN
15-10-2014 FN and AN
04-10-2014 FN and AN
16-10-2014 FN and AN
06-10-2014 AN
17-10-2014 AN

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

B.Tech Examination Notification for Nov/Dec 2014

The JNTUH has issued the examination notification for conduct of B.Tech examinations (Regular and Supplementary) during November / December 2014.

The last date for all GNITC students for payment of Examination fee is : 30.09.2014.

The applications will be issued in the departments concerned from 24.09.2014.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

1st B.Tech supplementary results, June 2014

I year B.Tech supplementary results, June 2014 are attached here. The last date for RC / RV is 25.09.2014

GNTC (WJ) : 11 results

GNEC (B9) : 11 results

GNIET (8w) : 11 results

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

1st mid term marks of II, III & IV year B.Tech I Semester - Sept 14

All the GNITC students are here by informed that II, III & IV year B.Tech 1st mid term examination marks are finalized. The same are attached here, students are advised to verify the marks and if any mistakes found may please be intimated to the examination branch through concerned faculty & HOD.

GNITC (WJ) : - 21 marks,  31 marks

GNEC (B9) : - 41 marks

GNIET (8w) : - 41 marks

Sd/- AD

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

II & III year B.Tech I semester supply results, May-June 2014

II & III year B.Tech I semester results are attached here. The last date for recounting / revaluation is 22.09.2014 for 21 and 15.0914 for 31.

GNITC (WJ) 21 results

GNEC (B9) 21 Results31 Results

GNIET (8w) 21 results31 results


Monday, 15 September 2014

MBA MCA IV semester provisional Internal marks-Sept 2014

It is hereby informed that the MBA/MCA IV semester provisional average internal marks are generated from 1st & 2nd mid term examinations. Marks reports are attached here for students information. If any changes in the marks may please report immediately.

MBA marks ,   MCA marks


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rescheduled Dates of All University examinations scheduled on 10-09-2014

This is to inform that the All University examinations dated on 10-sep-2014  is postponed, The Rescheduled dates of postponed University examinations are given below.
Previous date
Rescheduled date
MBA/MCA _II sem REG(10-09-2014 FN)
MBA/MCA _II sem REG (18-09-2014 FN)
MBA/MCA _I sem Supply (10-09-2014 AN)
MBA/MCA _I sem Supply(18-09-2014 AN)
Pharm.D I year REG(10-09-2014 FN)
Pharm.D I year REG(17-09-2014 FN)
Pre.Phd. (10-09-2014) (2:00 PM-5:00 PM)
Pre.Phd. (15-09-2014) (2:00 PM-5:00 PM)

There is no change in the schedule for other examinations. The remaining examinations will be continued as per the earlier schedule.


Friday, 5 September 2014

Exams scheduled on 08.09.2014 are postponed & Rescheduled Dates

Students / Parents
The exams scheduled on 8-09-2014 have been postponed due to 
Ganesh Nimarjanam. The rescheduled dates of all univsersity examinations 
dated on 08.09.2014 are given below.

Previous date
Rescheduled date
MBA/MCA _II sem REG(08-09-2014 AM)
MBA/MCA _II sem REG (16-09-2014 AM)
MBA/MCA _I sem Supply (08-09-2014 PM)
MBA/MCA _I sem Supply(16-09-2014 PM)
Pharm.D I year REG(08-09-2014AM)
Pharm.D I year REG(15-09-2014AM)
III-I B.Pharm/B.Tech I Mid(08-09-14)
III-I B.Pharm/B.Tech I Mid(09-09-14)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

IV year B.Tech I & II Semester supply results

IV Yr B.Tech I & II semester supplementary examinations results May-June 2014 are attached here.

GNEC (B9) 42 results
GNEC (B9) 41 results

GNIET (8W) 42 results
GNIET (8W) 41 results